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Corporate Law 

At AG Hart Lawyers, companies’ issues are approached from a corporate law perspective. Specializing in franchise and retail law over the years has led our company to build up broad expertise in Dutch corporate law. We have assisted companies and legal entities of virtually all sizes and in diverse sectors with our know-how.

Corporate law concerns legal entities. Corporate law is usually broken down into law for legal entities and law for corporate structures; both laws are laid down in Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code. Law for corporate structures only applies to corporate structures, namely the private limited company and the public company. Law for legal entities applies to all other legal entities: foundations, associations, cooperatives and mutual insurance companies.

In our legal practice, in addition to the aforementioned legal entities, we also often encounter the sole proprietor. Sole proprietorships, however, represent the economic activities of a natural person; therefore, this type of business entity is not vested with any legal personality.